Fresh Berry


A rich deodorizer designed to mollify and convert smoke to a fresh pleasant aroma. Enhanced with a unique combination of organic compounds for sustained fresh air, with a superior non-oily after-feel.  A sweet burst of fresh berries best characterizes this Deodorizer. It offers superb aromatic freshness to any room or outside area. Fresh berries remind us most of a nostalgic beautiful spring morning. Spray two to three pumps throughout the space and refresh as needed; the aroma will last for several hours and mask the unpleasant scents.

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Customer Reviews

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Smells great

This freshener smells great but not too overpowering.

David Nordeen
Great Deodorizer!

The smell is super fresh and the best part about it is that it doesn’t smell like alcohol. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and nose as other air fresheners do. I have used "cheaper" brands, purchased in some big box stores and grocery stores. They just don't don't compare. I have several dispensers throughout the house, keeping the house smelling fresh and clean. The scent is strong and really lasts in the air. If I could only buy one fragrance, this would be the one. If you like floral scents, you will love this.

Susan White
If you like sweet scents, this one is nice.

Very long lasting berry scent spray. I used this on my couch to help mask some pet scent from my dog, and it definitely worked. A little strong just a couple sprays does the job. I can smell the spray all the way in the other room.

☕ Creative Coffee ☕
Smells like berries 🍓

Berry scented air freshener I'm running a house of 8....5 under 5, a teen, my husband and myself. Oh. And the dogs. 3 pups, 2 adults (enough is never enough for me aparently). There's also a farm out back, literally. Moo cows, chickens, the whole 9 yards. As one can I'm sure imagine, sometimes things get a little stinky. I ordered this air freshener thinking at the least it would have a pretty scent even if it didn't quite work to eliminate or mask odors.
Well, it works. I don't think its eliminating but this covers odors for longer than any other air freshener ive ever tried. This is the most costly air freshener I've ever used but it works. There's another scent, used to cover smoking and pet odors and I would choose that fragrance over this berry scent. But overall, I like the air freshener and would undoubtedly recommend it to others.

R. Boston
Berry Fresh Spray

Product has a fine fragrance