Limpiador de tubos de vidrio


Un limpiador altamente efectivo diseñado para desintegrar los residuos pesados de cualquier instrumento de vidrio. Mejora los beneficios adicionales para la salud al eliminar los residuos viejos. Ambientalmente seguro. INFORMACIÓN DEL PRODUCTO Instrucciones: Mezcle 1 parte de producto con 2 partes de agua. Sumerja completamente la tubería en la solución y déjela en remojo durante la noche. Retirar y aclarar con agua. Recomendamos limpiar dos veces al mes. VENTA AL POR MAYOR Por favor contáctenos directamente sobre la venta al por mayor de productos.

Customer Reviews

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rio conure
Wow! Incredible!

A picture speaks a thousand words! I was shocked to see this tobacco pipe that i was about to toss become literallyyyyy like new.
You take 1 part cleaner 2 parts water put them in a ziploc and add your pipe. Then you put that ziploc in a container you dont care about in case of leaks in the bag. You let it sit for 24 hours. I then rinsed thoroughly with hot water to remove debris inside the side and blew air through one hole while covering the others to create some pressure for the remaining gunk. I then remade a new batch of solution and soaked again and repeated the process. After 2 soaks there was zeroooo hunk. And it was brand new again with minimal effort. This is a 10 out of 10 product. I used about half the bottle for this pipe total. So i do wish the bottle was bigger but overall its so worth it!

Emma Elizabeth
Super easy cleaning

This worked exceptionally well to clean a glass pipe. Mixed the solution with water and let it soak overnight as directed. Took it out of the solution in the morning and rinsed it with water, and it was perfectly clean!! No scrubbing or anything needed. My only complaint is that this is a bit expensive as you use quite a bit each time. I used about 1/3 of the bottle for one use.

david nordeen
Makes cleaning your pipe easy peasy!

This product really works as advertised. Keeping up with the maintenance on my pipe's ,was a real chore. This cleaner is very effective. After a short hour soak the residue comes off with rinsing. Makes things like new. This works great doesn't take much to clean pipes or bongs. Would recommend this to anyone looking for this product.

Susan White
Did A Decent Job

This is the second pipe cleaner product I've tried. All in all I would say it did a decent job but not as good as the last product I tried (which had a LOT more tar to clean out). It's simple to mix and use, and leaves no residue/odor. The mix is 2 parts water to 1 part pipe cleaner, so if you are using a bowl or other container to mix it in you will go through this bottle pretty quickly...at $20 it's a pretty expensive cleaner.

I'll probably stick with the other one I got. Giving it 4 stars as it mostly did what it claims.

Katie Roberts
Gets The Job Done

Cleaning glass pipes is not one of my favorite jobs, but this glass pipe cleaner does help to make that job much easier. A bit tedious, but it works. For more stubborn stains and gunk, you might need some traditional pipe cleaners, silicone scrubbers, bottle or straw brushes, and good old elbow grease, but this stuff will make it a whole lot easier. Give it a good soaking and let it go to work.

I was happy that after rinsing thoroughly several times, I didn't end up with some sort of nasty or unpleasant taste left behind. Just a nice, clean pipe. My biggest problem is that I would prefer a larger bottle. It gets awfully pricey using this if you're trying to clean out a larger tank area.