Palo Santo


A rich deodorizer designed to mollify and convert smoke to a fresh pleasant aroma. Enhanced with a unique combination of organic compounds for sustained fresh air, with a superior non-oily after-feel. This Deodorizer, characterized by its complex woody citrus aroma, offers superb aromatic freshness to any room or outside area. Air is easily transformed with sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon. Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal. In Spanish, the name means “Holy Wood” Spray two to three pumps throughout the space and refresh as needed; the aroma will last for several hours and mask the unpleasant scents. 

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Customer Reviews

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Debora McCleary
Smells great

This room spray smells great and really does a nice job of freshening up the room.

Very pleasant but not quite palo santo... still recommend!

Anyone who loves palo santo will know out of the gate how specific and special that scent is. It is very hard to emulate unless you are actually burning palo santo. That said, I’m a sucker for always trying any candles or sprays branded as such. This one comes pretty darn close! It obviously isn’t the same as the real thing, but for a room spray, it’s quite nice. It’s a mix of other scents (lemon?) and a “suggestion” of palo santo. I have two cats and like to have a spray on hand for masking the smell of the room with their litter box between the 2-3 days I change it all out. This product is very strong and does the trick in spades! In fact, be careful not to step into the spray path, as you will end up “wearing” it for the day! It’s highly concentrated and I would say a very good quality product. I’ve used it a few times already and there’s hardly any change in the level of the bottle, a little goes a long way!

☕ Creative Coffee ☕
Best air freshener Love this!

I'm running a house of 8....5 under 5, a teen, my husband and myself. Oh. And the dogs. 3 pups, 2 adults (enough is never enough for me aparently). There's also a farm out back, literally. Moo cows, chickens, the whole 9 yards. As one can I'm sure imagine, sometimes things get a little stinky. I ordered this air freshener thinking at the least it would have a pretty scent even if it didn't quite work to eliminate or mask odors.
Well, it works. I don't think its eliminating but this covers odors for longer than any other air freshener ive ever tried. And I like the scent. This is the most costly air freshener I've ever used but because I know it works its something I'd order again.

F. Todd
Love it!

Both me and my wife love this scent...It's light and sweet with an earthy forest backbone. We have an odd foyer that seems to trap any weird smell the house has to offer (dog, dinner, etc). A few pumps from this bottle produce a strong mist that has lasted for days in there. Granted, that room traps odors, but now this one is trapped in there and we love it. In other rooms it doesn't linger as much but produces a pleasant scent that slowly fades to a nuetral odor.

Just A Little Eliminates Odors

Smoke Screen’s C_CLEAN Aromatic Palo Santo Air Freshener is my first experience with Palo Santo scent. So, I can’t say if it really smells like Palo Santo or not, but I do like the scent. Well, I like the scent as long as too much isn’t used. This stuff is strong and I’m finding 1 spray, 2 at the most for a large area, is all that I need or want. My Mom came through and sprayed the kitchen like it was a can of Glade and I thought I was going to die. It took hours for the smell to dissipate. She now knows how to use it correctly.

My true test was using it when the cat made a particularly stinky in her litter box. One squirt a few feet away from the litter box and in less than a minute all you smell is the Palo Santo. I don’t feel like it is just masking the odors, but is actually eliminating them. The scent is light and fresh to me. I’m keeping the bottle out in the kitchen where it is readily accessible to the most trafficked areas of the house.

It is a bit on the pricey side at $18 (Jan 2021) for an 8 oz bottle, but with only needing to use so little at a time and for how long it lasts, this bottle should last quite a while. For a product that contains essential oils, it’s probably in line with other products. The bottle does have a guard under the pump which prevents it from accidentally squirting. I like that.

I really like this product and it has become my go-to air freshener.