Palo Santo + Pipe Cleaner - Bundle

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A rich deodorizer designed to mollify and convert smoke to a fresh pleasant aroma. Enhanced with a unique combination of organic compounds for sustained fresh air, with a superior non-oily after-feel. This Deodorizer, characterized by its complex woody citrus aroma, offers superb aromatic freshness to any room or outside area. Air is easily transformed with sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon.
Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal. In Spanish, the name means “Holy Wood” Spray two to three pumps throughout the space and refresh as needed; the aroma will last for several hours and mask the unpleasant scents.

A highly effective cleaner designed to disintegrate heavy residue from any glass instrument. Improves added health benefits by removing old residue. Environmentally safe.

Instructions: Mix 1 part product with 2 parts water. Completely submerge pipe in solution and allow to soak overnight. Remove and rinse with water. We recommend cleaning twice a month.

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rio c.
I feel so relieved!

Ever since I started smoking to help with my chronic pain, my only two issues have been worrying about the smell disturbing my neighbors, and cleaning my pipe. I’ve been researching solutions to these problems forever so you can imagine my relief when I found C_Clean! The Palo Santo spray smells so good and the cleaner gets my pipe looking brand new. It’s such a relief to find products like these. And I love that they’re sold in a bundle, as soon as I run out of product I will definitely be purchasing the bundle again!